Friday, December 22, 2006

Real World Concerns ...

For the past few years I have been keeping my eyes on the draft, and the potential for reinstating it. I am 25 now, and probably past my prime for draft eligibility due to that. Add to the mix that I am color blind, an only child, and have pins in my ankle I think I'd make a pretty poor choice given the alternative bags of meat available for the war grinder. Wow, I sound like some sort of lefty blogger, don't I? Please don't misconstrue me as anti military or hard left; I support the men & women who serve this country, it's a hard job and I respect the hell out of them for signing up. I do question the war itself, as I feel that it was sold to Americans through deception and lies. More astute minds have elaborated on that point in blogs and articles ad nauseum.

Anyway, I found this article on Raw Story today and it made me nervous. As I mentioned above, I have been watching little developments like this for the past few years, and any time I mentioned the real possibility of a draft people practically laughed at me. Laugh all you want, I've got people close to me that are young and would be affected by this event. I am taking it seriously.

That being said, I actually support the idea of a draft on the grounds that it would spread the load. I seriously doubt that Gee Dub would be so willing to dive into armed combat in Iraq if the possibility that Barb and Jenn would be killed by an IED existed. Far from a leisurely jaunt in South America, that would be.

And, apparently, I'm in good company with this idea. If Jason Bourne says so, you better agree or he'll snap your tibia like a matchstick. Also, this guy agrees.