Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Paris Hilton Jail Update

I posted earlier about Paris Hilton going to jail and my thoughts on the matter; saw this article today about the petitions being floated both for & against it, and thought that I'd post here about those, too. Funny because last night when I heard on the news the talk of the petition to keep Paris out of jail it actually occurred to me to begin the Send Paris to Jail petition. Great minds think alike, I suppose. Then again, fools seldom differ ...

Highlights follow:

Four days after a Los Angeles judge sentenced Hilton to 45 days in jail for violating her probation by driving on a suspended license, the competing petitions provided a rallying point for a lively debate over whether the celebrity socialite and reality TV star deserves her punishment.

"We think 45 days in jail is a cruel punishment for the caliber of what she did," said Kyle Vincent, an artist who launched the Web site and is trying to collect one million signatures on a petition seeking clemency by June 5, the date the hotel heiress was ordered to report to jail.


Vincent was also using his site to hawk "Free Paris" T-shirts for $18.99 a piece, along with similarly themed buttons, bumper stickers and coffee mugs.

A no-pardon petition urges Schwarzenegger to "ignore other petitions asking for clemency and show the people of California that no one is above the law."


From the Daily Telegraph: Paris Hilton must serve her time