Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Day In The Mission

I spent today in the Mission District of San Francisco, around 24th street. The Mission is awesome. Its a heavily Hispanic area, which is right to my liking as I grew up in NEW Mexico. I did notice a lot of Asian folk running around, though. A new population trend in action?

Anywho, I was there for a job interview -gasp- we'll let you know what happens. Presumably if I gain employment I will lose the time I have to devote to this fine past time. Oh, woe is the world, I know. Do not fear vigilant readers (all 3 of you :P), I will still write.

The Mission is nice. I had an awesome enchilada for lunch and was able to order the entire thing in Spanish, which I really enjoyed. One, for the fact that they spoke Spanish at this place and two for the fact that I was able to keep up. Sometimes the Mexican accent (especially Northern Mexicans) is a little too rapido for me. It makes me feel like some sort of undercover agent to kick it in Spanish while the other gringos stumble along in a nervous, slow and drawn out English. The best part is when the people they're so delicately speaking to just break out with a "You know, I DO speak English," and the non-Spanish speaker feels a little silly for having been presumptuous. In the converse, I have never begun speaking in Spanish to someone at a taco joint only to have them stop me and say "You know, this is AMERICA, where we speak ENGLISH!" Just the thought of that taking place makes me laugh.

Unfortunately, I didn't get any cool pics in the Mission, but let me give you a break down of what I saw: Taco/burrito stands, Clothing stores a-plenty, More clothing stores, Churches, Hipster Bars, Dive Bars, fun little apartment buildings, old men sitting on the corner smoking, little kids asking their mom for money to buy helado, and more Clothing stores.

I did manage, however, to snap a pic on my phone of a bad ass Dodge Dart on the way home in Milbrae. Check it out. It was for sale, I think the guy was asking $7500 or so, which I think is a little high; but it did have 318 V8 was a Swinger edition, not a Stinger. It was also in good condition, with a nice paint job and the interior was really nice. Best of luck to you, dude.