Friday, October 27, 2006

Do You Know The Way To San Jose?

I walked all over today, and was all the way in San Jose. I had another J-O-B interview, this one with the eponymous county. It went well, I would be doing total grunt work, but its in a field that I am interested in, so that's what appeals to me.

Anywho, while I was waiting to go and have the interview I went downstairs to the cafeteria of the building and got some water from a vending machine. As chance would have it the county wedding chapel was down there as well and I happened to spy some newly wed happy couples pouring out. I wrote down my reflections, enjoy:

I saw a couple after they had been wed today at the County Courthouse in San Jose. They were island people; the grandmother was in attendance wearing a red shirt covered in Hibiscus flowers.

The bride wore white, the groom a black suit with white sneakers. Grandma held a baby while two friends of the couple took pictures and smiled along.

It was so beautiful, so touching this little scene. A no-frills marriage at the county building in SJ; it made me reflect on things that are not and may never be.

Young people getting married have so much exuberance-- so much promise for what life has in store. I, of course, see this in their eyes & almost immediately press fast forward in my mind to worst case scenarios; like in seven years when she's pregnant with his best friend's child & he's an abusive alkie.

I guess I am a cynic. This realization lands flat with me because cynicism is easy. Cynicism is the art of raining on a sunny day. Debbie Downer stuff. Perhaps I am not such a cynic but a realist. Which reality? This is an open ended existential quandary.