Sunday, November 12, 2006

General Frustrations

Being the lousy cheap skate that I am, instead of actually buying the right to access the internet in any sort of legitimate manner, I steal wireless signal. This, on the one hand, makes me feel like some digital Billy The Kid, surfing the internet through a little mischievousness; on the flip side it means my connection is flaky at best, and drops off from time to time completely. People I chat with have complained to me about being "rude" in that I don't say good bye before I abruptly sign off. Well, folks, there's the reason why. But I apologise anyway, cuz you know I love you anyway.

My favorite program, given my lack of connectivity, is now Kismac. It is awesome blossom and a half. It allows me to see all the networks in my area, and whether or not they are encrypted. The best part, though, is that even this program allows me to collect data and then crack those encytped networks. So eff, you network security peeps. I'm out here, and I'm totally breaking you down. Suckas.

Which brings me to m next point ... shit-tastic internet stuff. Number one on this list is Flash. Eff Flash. Flash is nothing but a crappy gimmick to push ads. It slows down my computer, sucks up bandwidth and even occasionally kills FireFox. All just so that various websites can hock insurance and online dating to me. Don't need either of these services, thank you. Now Eff off.

Speaking of FireFox ... ahh, where to begin? As a Mac user I am initially inclined to use Safari, which is decent, but has some serious interface issues that FireFox solves. The nice thing is that it comes bundled into OSX, is fairly clean and opens things pretty quickly. But, it just doesn't have the functionality of FireFox. FireFox has AdBlock, which is awesome, because I hate advertisements (see infra).