Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Strange Day

The day was very foggy today. It was pretty to begin with and then, as I ode the train to the city we popped out of it and could see the bank on the bay. Kind of neat. Of course, once I got into the city it was foggy again, but it eventually burned off. For as much as I may have some misgivings about my job, I will say that our office has an awesome view. Its really cool to see the fog burn off, little by little, and then roll back in over the hills.

Speaking of work, I had the most odd experience today. I was making a phone call to a New York client whom i had previously not spoken with when a woman's voice came over the line.
"Hello," I asked, "is XXXXX there?"
"No, XXXXX is not here, who is this?"
"This is Mr. Temby, when will he be back?"
"Mr. Temby are you aware that you have called a crime scene?"
"Uh ..."
"How did you know XXXXX?"

Man, this was a surreal moment. Needless to say, I didn't stay on the line much longer. The Wall Street Gordon Gekko in me says "That's one deal you won't be making!"