Friday, April 27, 2007

I've Already Got One, Part 2

Today I had the pleasure of calling up a CPA firm to offer our services to them. The secretary was doing her job and sniffed me out before letting me get to her bosses. But, being the professional that I am, I went ahead and spoke to her in a courteous fashion, detailing what we do over here. She used the old "We're set, we've already got one," defense against me, which prompted my reply of "Great! I like to know what my competition does, what's the address?"

Almost on cue she backed up and began fumbling over her words, first telling me she didn't know the address and then reversing course to tell me that she knew but was going to tell it to me. At this point I decided ot have some fun with her and I told her straight tout that I suspected she didn't have a website. She responded that in fact they did, and before she could go on I asked her a simple question: "Then why won't you tell me the address?" Simple question, should merit a simple answer, you would think. You would think wrong.

Lori (her name) goes on to tell me that "I don't have to answer any of your questions," which is true, but Jeezus, why are you getting so confrontational? I told her that's true, but I'm just gonna Google you anyway, so why not just tell me? She hangs up.

So then I do, in fact, Google her firm name. What comes up? A few local chamber of commerce type listings but no firm website. I scroll down the page and what do I see? Someone has the firm name listed as one of their companies on MySpace, and what's that person's name? Lori! Ha ha ha! I clicked on it and saw the woman, saw her page.

She seemed nice enough. She likes hockey and the Mets. It was kind of funny to see the face of this woman who had just shut me down (and probably lied to me about the firm having a site) on the phone. I was suddenly peering into her life via MySpace. Kind of weird.