Friday, April 13, 2007

Nancy Grace Is a Hack

I've always held that Nancy Grace was a hack and shameless self promoter. There has been a lot of attention to the way she handles her stories, not to mention her account of own personal history. Simple mistakes are not reasons to discredit a person's logical argument in and of themselves, but her arguments are not logical and in fact quite contrary to established legal protocol. She's a talking head, plain and simple.

The way the Duke case was handled by Nancy and other media figures has been particularly atrocious. I'm glad that these guys have finally been cleared, but if I were them I'd be looking to get some settlement money from somebody for all the hell I'd been put through. Poor schmucks were railroaded out of town for something they didn't do. However, we should note that the fact that these guys are NOT in jail and have been exculpated (albeit after a year of heavy presumption of guilt) is something of an accomplishment for the American judicial system.

Found the below clip on Comedy Central, from The Daily Show. John Stuart is great.