Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I love libraries and books, I really do, but killing someone over a book? Eh ... not so much. Unless its the Bible, of course. Then its killing time, buddy. Grrr! Get your hands off my King James!

Stolen Library Book Leads to Shooting?

ANDERSON, S.C. (AP) - Police say a security guard at the Anderson County Library fired his gun at a car after the driver triggered a security alarm.

Police say security guard James Turner asked the woman to stop after the alarm went off as she left around 5 o'clock Saturday afternoon.

A police report states Turner chased the woman as she ran to her car and he said the bumper brushed his knee as she pulled away.

Police say the guard then fired into the driver's door. Authorities say the woman kept going and they don't know if she was hurt.

Library director Carl Stone says he's asked Cherokee Security Systems not to send Turner back to the library. Stone says no one should be hurt over a missing library book.

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BONUS:: A little video YouTube clip (from a great move, to boot) dealing with the above subject matter in a Medieval sort of way.