Thursday, January 25, 2007

Terror Free Oil: A Clever Marketing Scheme

I saw this article on the net, and I initially liked the idea, if for no other reason than it's novelty. "Terror Free Oil" is like the organic foods of petroleum products, I suppose. It's a clever idea to only sell oil from 'terror free' countries, i.e. countries that do not (openly) sponsor terrorism. Who gathers and verifies that information is, according to the article, is the Terror-Free Oil Initiative.

I imagine that this product will get some solid support and build momentum in more rural portions of the country. Of course, there is gonna be the little part about price-point. That's what I'm curious to know about, because really that's where people begin to draw the line. Does Terror Free Oil cost more? People with more disposable income can afford to shop at Whole Foods and not the Wal-Mart SuperCenter, but many people in that income bracket don't reside in rural Nebraska, as I understand it. Thus, this product may fail due to demographics. Still, very clever.