Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Office Building of the Damned

I have blogged here before about the various woes my office building is beset with periodically. Well, its not even periodically, it's perpetually. My office building is basically falling apart bit by bit.

The newest chronic condition to befall this little chunk of land on Mission Avenue in San Francisco is a stopped up sink that has not drained for at least a week now. The sink is located outside of our office, and is collectively shared by the hallway. Instead of a sink, now its more of a cesspool for coffee grinds and what appears to be some form of algae. Appealing and sanitary it is not. Nothing ruins what might otherwise be a decent cup of coffee than after pouring that coffee looking into a sink sized Black Lagoon of filth.

Speaking of sinks, we still have no hot water in our bathroom sinks, either. This has been the case for at least 2 months now. It makes absolutely no sense to me that in the year 2007 we have an office in a building, located in San Francisco, that has no hot water for 2 months. It is utterly ridiculous. If we were in the 3rd world, OK. Even if we were in parts of America, like rural New Mexico, I would consider this not acceptable but understandable given the environs. However, we are in an urban metropolis, selling high tech items. Hot water should be a given, but that's just my take on the matter.

But our woes are not confined to sinks, oh no ... the railing on the outside patio area is busted and literally moves every time you lean on it. If this were my dad's summer-made porch we were talking about, again that would be OK. But we're talking about a 5th floor office in San Francisco. If someone leans too hard on this they will tumble down to the street, about 60 feet below. Likely, they will fall onto a little old Mexican lady, causing serious damage to not only themselves but probably someone's abuelita as well. *sigh*

Our elevator is in no better shape. I was riding in it the other day and happened to take a look at the certificate posted therein. When did it expire (i.e., when was the elevator last inspected)? 2000. That's right. 6 years ago. Considering that there are 2 elevators in the building and they are the only practical means of moving between floors (the staircases are all locked, which is likely a fire code violation) I am less than convinced of their safety.