Friday, February 09, 2007

Fun With Phones

I call on the phone all day. That's Sales for you. Consequently, I end up having some very interesting encounters with people on the other side of the line. Most of the people I call are considered, and I would wager consider themselves to be, what's known as a professional. You'd think that moniker in itself would dictate a certain decorum. I have found this assumption to be completely wrong.

One time I called and introduced myself and my company then apologised for intruding but explained that I just wanted to introduce my firm to him and then told him my firm's name. He barked out: "What was your firm's name again?"

I took this as a possible sign of interest, in that at least I had him talking. People like to talk, and among lawyers this is certainly the case, so I repeated the name.

"Oh yeah? Well you can take your company and shove it up your ass!" Then he slammed the phone down.