Monday, February 05, 2007

Mr. Nice Guy

Walking down Mason street the other afternoon and I noticed a cell phone just lying there in the street. Picked it up, it was working. It was still on. I browsed through the recent call list and started dialing the folks. The first 3 didn't pick up, but the 4th did.

Them: "Hey Sugar Shack, what's up?"

Me: "Um ... hi, this is Wes, I found the phone I'm calling you from. I was hoping I could return it to the owner ..."

Them: "Oh my God! Where are you?!"

Me: "Mason and Jackson."

Them: "I'll be RIGHT THERE!"

Twenty seconds later a little gay Asian boy with a faux-hawk runs out of the building behind me and nearly bowls me over. I swear, I though he was going to pee himself, he was so excited.

So yeah, that's me getting some karma my direction. Good vibes, good deeds and all that.