Friday, February 23, 2007

Money is Time, Time is Money

So I had a lead today, it was a guy I had spoken with a few times before, he seemed interested in getting a website. Cool. I'm your guy.

I call him up, he's in Jersey, and we start talking. Well, immediately I can tell he's an older fella, and he starts going off on little tangents. Due to his age, I let him take a few of these, as 1) he's older and older people tend to ramble from time to time 2) lawyers love to talk and 3) when people are talking they are comfortable and that ups the chances for a successful sale.

So this guy is talking a little, and I'm keeping him on track with the website stuff here and there, while still indulging his stories about what types of law he practices, experiences, he's had, yadda yadda yadda. It quickly becomes apparent, however, that Mr. Jersey doesn't seem to have steady employment and/or income and I ask in a kind way "So, $95 is out of your range?" To which he replies, "Oh yes, I'm still being hounded for a $70 doctor bill from several months ago ..." and then he resumes his ramblings.

Right here I know our conversation is now costing me money. I indulge him a little longer, thinking that eventually he'll have the sense to get off the phone so we can both get back to making some money and stop wasting each other's time. Alas, I was wrong, and at about 10 minutes into our conversation when he began talking about how he was a senior citizen and how his wife was trying to start a film career and how difficult it was I knew I had to make the cut.

As he was rambling I did the old "You're cutting out on me, Bob" line. Followed by a few "Hello? Hello, Bob?"s and then I hung up on him. I felt a little ashamed for not just being forthright and telling the guy I couldn't talk to him any longer, but I also feel I kind of let him off softly. Of course in the back of my head I could hear my manager's mantra about requalifying leads before you go into a pitch. Ahh, sales.