Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My Job, Made More Difficult

As much as I love the Intertron (dude, nobody calls it the Internet any more ...) it is by its very nature fraught with trouble and disappointment. {Greek Philosopher voice} This is the nature of life ... and even more so with machines ... {/Greek Philosopher voice} Of course, when you work for a tech firm (like I do), then this is just part of the programme.

Lately our phones have been crap-ola (see below) and now, today, our Intertron connection is flaky. This is almost worse than the phones being sketchy, as it completely undercuts any pitch you're trying to get off. How can you sell someone a website that doesn't exist (or at least won't load)? It's like trying to sell someone a car that when you get in doesn't start. The deal is basically dead in the water there.