Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Knut = Cute

Unless you live in a cold, dark, and non media news outlet friendly cave you have probably heard of little Knut the Polar Bear in the Berlin Zoo.

If not, well, here's an introduction. Knut is a captive-born polar bear that was rejected by his mother at birth, along with his brother. The brother died after 4 days and the zoo keepers separated Knut from his mother and have since raised him. What a story, a saga even.

Anyway, Knut was instantly plastered all over the news outlets across the internet, and a certain someone close to me (the Magyar) actually used Knut as a gchat icon, which meant that I had to see even more of him every day. Now, I am one who as a rule generally shies away from the overly cute. I don't know why, but I just do. Not my schtick. However, after about 2 weeks of seeing Knut in gchat icon form and then form time to time in news reports I have to admit it: Knut is pretty damn cute.

Upon closer inspection the equation is pretty simple: baby animal (white baby animal) + some pics with various toys = one cute little bear. Instant media success. You can find more pics of Knut via Google here.