Monday, March 26, 2007

My Issue with Anarchists

I saw the above video from, you can see the link here. It reminds me of my cardinal issue with Anarchists: they have no clue as to how the real world operates. They are as idealistic and mislead as the Neocons they oppose so vehemently.

Why do I say this? Because you wanna know what real anarchy looks like? Try Sarajevo. Try Kosovo. Try Eastern Africa. Now, in all honesty, I have not been to any of these places. I am, however, a real student of history and a lover of data in all its forms, so I've read up on these situations. The picture I get is not a pretty one: total chaos with no rule of laws, no semblance of order whatsoever.

The mere fact that these folks were able to get together and hold their little rally is proof enough that what we have today in America, while not perfect, is a hell of a lot better than what anarchy could provide. For one, nobody got shot. In true anarchy these folks would be preyed upon by someone bigger and stronger than they, and there would be no recourse for them. So, the dude with the camera would likely be beat down, and his camera stolen. The women would be raped after the dudes they were with were pummeled and most likely summarily executed. That's anarchy, people. The complete lack of organization and order in your day to day life.

I can accept that you are unhappy with the current political situation in the US. I can accept that you are against the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. You are not alone in these sentiments, as a simple scan of any newspaper would reveal. However, putting on a black bandanna and burning soldiers in effigy is not the way to posit your ideas in the right arena. In all honesty, the way I see it is that to take that tack is just a vain way to be part of some "underground" scene. You're not really going to affect change, and deep down anyone with any sense in their heads can see that. There's no large party of anarchists plotting to overthrow the government. In fact, wouldn't it be oxymoronic for anarchists to be organized? What you're left with is a group of people who are disenfranchised and looking for something to complain/rebel against. The government is a big, easy target to find and so they rally around.

Get a life, people.