Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tucker Carlson: Officially Out of Things to Say

Tucker Carlson, everyone's favorite bow tied political pundit, has officially run out of clever things to say. The announcement was made yesterday on his television program, when he recalled an instance where Ann Coulter described him as gay. In the same breath Tucker told everyone that he had children (implying that Coulter's statement about him was not only a slur but also a damn dirty lie (imagine that, Ann Coulter being less than honest!)) and that he was somehow 'tougher' than John Edwards because he was not making a big deal out of it.

Tucker, you're done, dude. When you resort to "I was once called a name and I didn't care!" your writing has hit a new low. You're supposed to be a politico, making with the clever speak, the good stuff, and now you're just boasting about your thick skin in the face of Ann I'm-Actually-A-Man Coulter's quips? There's a lot more that you could be doing with your time, and I think those kids you mention benefit more if Daddy actually tried for once. Hell, I don't even watch your programme but I'd like to see you up your game a little just so that you live up to that oh-so-pretentious little bow tie of yours (yes, two mentions in one post).

BTW, when you're having Pat Robertson (who -- everyone -- speaks to G*d) agree with you, you're not keeping the best of company.

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