Monday, March 05, 2007

So Good, I Had To Post It

Spent Sunday at 'church' in Half Moon Bay, i.e I went to Cameron's. Those who don't know Cameron's should just check my review for the skinny:

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Wes T.

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02/20/2007 5 stars

Cameron's is an awesome pub in Half Moon Bay. If ever you've spent time on a British Isle then you have seen this place in some shape or form. From the fire place and exposed beams to the beer selection, to the fairly tasteless (but doused in vinegar) food, this place is very authentic.

The beer selection is quite good. They have a club where if you drink a beer from each letter of the alphabet, you get prizes. Rewards for drinking -- it doesn't get much better than that. Oh, and there is trivia everywhere. Great to drink with.

The food is a little blah, but they have a lot of it, and honestly, British food is not supposed to be particularly outstanding. I like the prime rib sandwiches, myself. Service is a little weak, but that's because the servers are all high school girls. Why that is, I dare not ask. Draw your own conclusions. I'm sure it has a lot to do with the work demographics in Half Moon Bay and nothing at all with pederasty.

They have a game room in the back, complete with shuffle puck, darts and pin ball. The bad thing about this is that people will bring in their kids (why on Earth people bring kids to pubs is beyond me) and those kids will hog these novelties. Little bastards ...

Also went down to the beach afterwards, saw the mighty Pacific breaking in little, tight tubes. It was pretty amazing. The ocean really is an amazing force. We had watched a video about Mavericks that afternoon, and there it was, just up the coast from us. It wasn't breaking, of course, but you could see it there, waiting ...